Thursday, December 17, 2009

All sorts of ribbon art clips

I wanted to share some of my newest ribbon creations. A friend asked me to make a horse clippy for her horse crazy little one. The biggest trick was making sure it didnt look like a dog. The dragonfly is one I have made before, but bring out an spring lines come out. I love the wiggly little eyes. Lastly, the princesses. They are tough! I think that because they take SO long to make these are only going to be made as needed for customers. I have so many others items that need making all the time. I think they all turned out wonderful.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teaming up with my sister

My sister Holly takes the best pictures of my monkeys. She meet us at the park and snapped some shots for a family picture and some just of the kids. This is a great picture of not only Elena, but my interchangable hard headband that I made to go with her outfit. You can see more of Holly's work at

I created with the large loopy bow also and made a double layer loopy to go with yet another Baby Cake Designs dress the I LOVE. My sister took the pictures for me. My daughter has a fascination with leaves and flowers. This was great for her. Thanks Elle and Holly.

Creative minds think alike

Elle and I have teamed up again to create a appliqued shirt-obviously Elle's work-that has a ribbon loop to wear or remove a bow-obviously I made the bow. This adorable Christmas pressent shirt was the first of what I am sure many that has the bow that can be worn on the shirt or in the hair. It is also nice to be able to remove the bow for washing.

Elle has been working on a minnie mouse shirt for me for Disney. It can then be a mickey or minnie. I made the ribbon hair bow to go on it that can be interchanged. I love the style of fabric she chose for the head. It is not run of the mill.
The Hello Kitty pictures are a appliqued shirt that Elle made with four different bow options. The bow can and should be removed before washing and can be worn in your little ones hair for something different.
I so love working with Elle. Catch her latest creations at