Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Knit hats w/interchangable straps and ostrich feather clips

OOOH! Here is what I have been working on and saving for the new year. I wanted something other than the crochet hat that is now everywhere. I also love to make things interchangable so here it is. Drum roll please! My interchangable knit hats with curly ostrich feather clips.
You can wear anything I make and put them on the hats and i have made them interchangable. I have size one for 0-12 months and then size 2 for 12-36months. SO CUTE and nice and warm for those sweet little newborn heads. I just started working on them so look for these at events coming soon.

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  1. Kelly those are adorable! I need to know how to shrink Anna's melon! LOL J/K.